Your Money Personality

 What it’s teaching your kids


When it comes to money many of us class ourselves as either a ‘spender’ or ‘saver’ but few of us examine our money personalities beyond this.

Like people, personalities and body types, money personalities come in many shapes and sizes.  Understanding our own attitudes and behaviours towards money is not only the first step in our own financial well-being but is also the first step in ensuring we can encourage our kids to develop healthy money relationships.

Young children learn in two key ways;

  • Imitation – of what they observe
  • Induction – noticing patterns in their experiences and creating a ‘general rule’ / world views based on these patterns.

It is vital as parents & caregivers to have an awareness of our own money personalities to understand the money lessons we may be subconsciously teaching our kids.

Consider this, if you are naturally a generous person and like to use money to demonstrate your love, what messages do you think this could sends your kids?

You’d definitely be demonstrating kindness & generosity which are important qualities for any young person to develop.  Have you ever considered there could be a shadow side to financial generosity?

If financial generosity is perceived as the main expression of love or kindness by your child, this can impact their emotional development and self-esteem.  At a young age many kids don’t equate money as an expression of love, as Zig Ziglar once said ‘To a child love is spelt T-I-M-E’.

Your Money Personality & Kids

Instead of lavishing your child with money, gifts, experiences try discovering their language of love and think of other ways you can express your love that doesn’t involve spending.

Often if we are ‘givers’ we are also inclined to put other needs above our own.  By doing this we can end up neglecting our own financial needs and get into some sticky financial situations.

Subconsciously, this can be showing our kids that others wellbeing is more important than our own. This, in turn, can have an adverse effect on their self-worth.  In these situations, it is important to remember that ‘you can’t give from an empty vessel and so it is just as important to look after yourself as it is to give to others.


As you can, see what would outwardly appear to be a positive money personality trait can also hold a ‘shadow’ side.  This is true of all money personality types, whether you see money as security, freedom, power, love or evil they all have desirable and less desirable aspects associated with them.  The important thing to remember is to aim to balance these traits through capitalising on their desirable aspects and diminishing the less favourable.

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