Hi there

‘Wow hasn’t the year just flown by!’

I’ve found myself saying that more than once these last few weeks – but really where does the time go?

I just wanted to take the time to drop you a note to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season and a 2019 full of love, laughter & happiness.   

We’ve decided to do things a little differently this year at MMK, and spread the Christmas cheer beyond just our friends and families by establishing the Money Mindful Kids Kiva lending team. Take a peek below for more details and updates on some of the other things we have been up to recently.

Here’s to a wonderful Christmas and an even better 2019!


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MMK KIVA LENDING TEAM:  Giving Hope & Opportunity

We’re all about walking the talk here at MMK – we maybe small, however as Ronald Reagan once said

‘Someone can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone’

So we started to investigate ways we could make a difference – ways we could help others to help themselves, that also aligned with the MMK Community’s philosophy (that’s you and us!) of being Community Minded, Environmentally Aware, and growing our Financial Capability.

That’s when we discovered Kiva.  Kiva connects borrowers with lenders (us), enabling them to grow their businesses,  creating opportunity for themselves, their families & others that better their situation.  It’s simple. Choose the cause you want to support & the amount you wish to lend, then Kiva does the rest.

Why we LOVE  Kiva:

  • Every $ we lend goes DIRECTLY to the borrower
  • We’re helping others to help themselves in a sustainable way
  • Borrowers repay us over time (it’s not a donation)
  • It’s a ‘gift that keeps giving’ you can re-lend your money as you get repaid
  • A great tool to teach our kids about entrepreneurship, gratitude, lending, business, decision making (even the little ones)
  • We can track our impact through the dashboard. It shows who you’ve lent to, when repayments are due, and how much you’ve been repaid and much more.
So if you’re keen for a new way to ‘give back’ or even ‘pay it forward’ & create a better world, you’re welcome to come join the MMK Kiva lending team HERE.  There’s no obligation to start lending – just create a profile & take a look around.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me caroline@moneymindfulkids.com 




It’s been great to hear so many of you have enjoyed our ‘Advent Calendar’ with a twist.

We created it for those of us who aren’t big fans of the traditional calendars but still want to bring a little more meaning to Christmas, beyond Santa & presents.

Each day has a little activity for your kids related to either gratitude, kindness, environmental awareness, or self-love 😃. 

It’s not to late to start if you haven’t already – even better you are welcome to adapt the ideas to other times in the year, birthdays, special holidays, Easter etc.

Here’s a direct link to the calendar: CLICK HERE  (no signup or email required)

Christmas Countdown Calendar

WHEN THE GOOD GO BAD: 5 Activities to Brat-Proof Our Children this Christmas

We were privileged to recently have one of our articles published by Elephant Journal an independent media outlet.  Here’s a snippet…..  

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps—means a little more.” ~ The Grinch

When I was a kid, Christmas could be summed up by three key things. 

1)   An overweight, bearded man in a funny red suit. 

2)  Trying to impress said bearded man with acts of kindness to ensure my place on the nice list. 

3)  Waking Christmas morning hoping to find the largest haul of presents I could ever imagine, which would surely skyrocket my popularity at school. 

You can read the rest HERE 


A big THANK YOU to Elephant Journal for the opportunity to guest blog this month. And the invitation to continue writing for them & sharing the MMK message.
If you haven’t check out Elephant Journal before take a look, it’s a great resource for mindful living with articles on just about anything you can think of.


Thanks once again to the Mamapedia team for the opportunity to guest blog again recently.  If you haven’t check out Mamapedia before they’re worth a look, it’s a great resource for all things parenting. 

 Thank you
A big THANKS as always goes to the MMK supporters as we grow your Likes, Subscribes, Shares & supportive comments go a long way to helping us spread the word. 

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